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Friends only; comment to be added. [
December 20th, 2010 @ 0:19
I've moved journals.

May 13th, 2007 @ 13:58
Just a quick note (though I said I wouldn't be updating this journal again) - you can remove this journal from your friends lists should you wish to. I'm going to delete everyone from here now. I had a great time talking to you all on this journal.

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( tiresome paper dreams ) [
October 20th, 2006 @ 15:01
Today was okay. Up at 07:48 (yay for clocks by the bedside!), out just after 08:35, at Elms Bank for 09:20 and left around 12:30 (we actually finished at 12:15, I didn't call my dad 'til 12:20 for him to come pick me up because it was raining...)

Got home, found that the external drive with my data on had almost finished being wiped, so once that was done, mum, dad and I had lunch and then talked. Like adults. When we're not pissing each other off, my parents and I get along swimmingly.

With the help of Bekkie & eternal_dreams2 last night (i love you guys so much!) I've decided to forget Chemistry - if I want to, I can do it later; if not, I'll do computer science at uni rather than forensic science. It was always my backup plan anyway. So I'm doing - hopefully - English language, media studies, computing and biology. Hopefully.

I have a whole week to myself next week; Sky said she'd ring at some point though. But that's a week in which to make my presentation for my ICT coursework and to write up my maths coursework, a week in which to blitz the house clean, a week in which to screw with Sibling's head so much it has no choice but to tidy its mess. I've made threats, I won't hesitate to carry them out.

I'm such a cruel sister, really.

Random extra note: I'd never have guessed that The Kooks were from Brighton. They sound a lot more Northern when they sing, common as muck. Even the Mother said so (I'm crap at identifying accents!)

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( going public ) [
October 10th, 2006 @ 20:50
Please read. Everyone. Please read.Collapse )

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( snip snip cut ) [
September 1st, 2006 @ 18:06
So. I'm doing a super-random cut of the friends list. Purely because I end up spending hours reading it and I don't know who half of the people are and then I feel guilty reading journals and personal stuff and... mostly I think I'll just be cutting unused journals and communities, but there may be active journals going.

So, I'm sorry (sort of) & if you're cut but really really want to stay, let me know. (& also if I cut you & you don't want to stay, please defriend me? The 'friends of' list is almost as big as the 'friends' list. Crazy.)

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